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Weekly Video Podcasts of Women in the Trades

Women Role Models in Your Career Pathway

There are some amazing video podcasts 1-hour, in-depth interviews with women in the trades!  V

They come out weekly. 

They already number over 170 interviews! 

The career pathways featured range from Automotive Technician to Robotics Technician to 3D Print Manufacturing, and more! 

They’re even searchable. You or your students can view them for free. And download the audio for free. 

The interviewer, Bogi of Bogi’s Garage (she’s a master mechanic), is super skillful. These are very professional and extremely well done. 

Personally, I plan to download a bunch to my iPhone so I can listen while I am driving or stuck in traffic! 

Here’s the link to the Facebook page for the live video version

Here’s a link to the podcast archives.


Maureen Devlin Clancy Makerspace

“Before attending the WomenTech Educators Training I had a lot more success retaining women in my database class than in my introductory Programming classes—actually, I wasn't retaining any women in my introductory Programming classes. They were all dropping.

That was a big win for me, that I had an increase in retention of females in my introductory Programming courses. [...]

I want to commend you [IWITTS] on the structure of the material and how when I walked out of the training, I had a plan.

If I had not had a plan, I would have gotten back and not done as much. Having a plan all laid out, when I walked in, gave me something I could work with. [...]

~ Barbara DuFrain, Associate Professor, Computer Science, Engineering and Advanced Technology, Del Mar College, TX participated in a 2012 WomenTech In-person Training, Female Enrollment in Her Computer Programming Class Increased by 65% and Retention of both female and male students increased by 45%.



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