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(Video) Female Manufacturing Dual Enrollment Student Interviewed on Good Morning Show

They graduated college before graduating from high school

In March, I shared a letter from a two-year college I worked with that had great success with dual enrollment: San Diego City College. Last week, they graduated ten high school students from their program—all receiving Associate Degrees in Manufacturing Engineering Technology. Six of the 10 are women; the Good Morning San Diego Television show interviewed one of the graduates and the dual enrollment coordinator. This is a great clip; don’t miss it. These high school students graduated from college before they graduated from high school!

If you missed the letter, here is an excerpt:

“Our Department has plans to continue to use the skills and competencies developed through the WomenTech training program to recruit more women and generate more graduates for our Engineering & Technology programs.

We are currently appropriating local funds to extend this highly successful dual-enrollment program to other regional high schools in 2024.”

I’d like to help your program institute a similar dual enrollment strategy in one year or less. I’ve opened up some new times on my calendar to talk to you.  

Are you ready to finally move the needle on Women in STEM at your college this year? Click the button below to set up a time convenient for your schedule.



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