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How a Welding Program Increased Female Enrollment from 0 to 33%

Updated: Aug 24, 2023

The Wisconsin State Journal recently published an article, “Women, a Growing Presence in trades programs at Milwaukee Area Technical College.” In the article they mention that one-third of the welding students are female and that they are still working to increase the number of women in the construction and metal fabrication programs.

How did they end up with one-third females in the welding program when they only make up 6% of the workforce?

Milwaukee Area Technical College increased female enrollment in its Certificate Program from 0 female students to 9 in 1 month after participating in a 2018 WomenTech Educators Bootcamp. 8 of the 9 female students completed successfully and graduated. In 2019 they rolled out these strategies to their AAS and High School programs and boosted female enrollment in welding even higher as the chart above illustrates.

Four years later, 33% of the program’s students are women!

It starts with taking that first step and getting help and support to increase female enrollment (and retention) in your STEM programs!

This isn’t easy to do - many schools come to my organization for help after they have tried and failed to recruit more women.

I have a system and a knowledge base that I have developed over 30 years. It is skills based vs. mindset based, and it draws upon the 15 case studies on our website + other schools I’ve worked with that have had successful outcomes.

Click here to read the news article on MATC, which includes a video. Or download the case study about how MATC did it.

You can get female student recruitment strategies that actually work. Here’s how:

  1. Click here to Talk to Donna and fill out the quick form.

  2. You can choose a time on my calendar that’s convenient for you.

  3. I’ll be your ally and a partner with your school to reach your recruitment goals.



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