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๐ŸŒŸ Empower Women in CTE! Is Your College's Website Female-Friendly?

Were you aware that you have a mere 15 seconds to capture the attention of a potential student on your website's landing page? In just 15 seconds, they will decide whether to stay or navigate away from your site.

During my WomenTech Educators training this week, I conducted instant polls where participants rated the web pages of various schools. At present, I am conducting a customized WomenTech Automotive training program.

This auto website landing page received a rating of 3.8 from the training participants.

On the other hand, this diesel website landing page received an outstanding score of 9.2. The content for this page was created by me and my team on behalf of Wallace State Community College.

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P.S. At the NSF ATE Conference, I will be collaborating with Wallace State Community College. They successfully recruited 12 female students to their Diesel program within a year, starting from no female enrollment. If you plan on attending the conference, make sure not to miss our workshop titled "Join Our Game-Changing Session for Educators: Empowering Women in Auto & Diesel" on Friday 10/27 at 10:10 am in the Capitol Room.

Testimonial about WomenTech Educators Training  from Maura Devlin-Clancy
Testimonial about WomenTech Educators Training from Monique Foster



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