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Women: Overcome Hiring Bias in the Interview

Female and male STEM Students
Creative Way for Women to Prove they Can Do the Job

Recently I conducted a national survey of women automotive technicians, and discovered this interesting challenge: A little over half of them were asked if they could do heavy lifting during their interviews. 

How can women respond? 

In the WomenTech Automotive Job Placement Training I recently conducted for a Community College in the Northeast,  I taught several ways for women to respond to this question to demonstrate to a prospective employer that they’re able to meet the physical requirements of the position.

The one that the group was most excited about? My suggestion that female students create an Instagram account and post a reel of them in a task that shows them doing heavy lifting. 

This way, during the interview they can just show the reel and let their actions do the talking.

And guess what? The college and instructors liked this idea so much they made it a class assignment for ALL their students. 

That’s just one of the many practical building blocks that went into the WomenTech Job Placement Plan the school created during the training.

Need this kind of help – and more – with job placement for your female STEM students? 

Before I help them, many college programs tell me their female students are not getting calls for interviews

Let me help you change that picture, literally.

I’m around to meet the next couple of weeks. It’s easy to connect with me. Here’s how: 

  1. Fill out this short form 

  2. You’ll get a link to my calendar. We can bring an eggnog latte to our Zoom meeting. 

I look forward to connecting.

The most valuable result in the WomenTech Educators Training is real-world awareness not only that all programs can be pitched to women – but exactly how to do it.  

Women are too often guided away from fields traditionally filled by men. If we didn’t change our messaging, we’d be hurting women and our own program. 

Please don’t cheat your program or the women who are a great fit!  You really have to attend the WomenTech Educators Training, to give your institution equal footing in the competition for great candidates. You’ll be glad you did!

LeTory Collings

Counselor, TriO Educational Opportunity Center

Arkansas State University Mid-South 



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