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Looking for Women for STEM in All the Same Places?

See me testify before Congressman Carl Perkins in 1992See me testify before Congressman Carl Perkins in 1992

Insanity is doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results… 

Schools often come to our WomenTech Educator’s Bootcamp with preconceived ideas about where they should be recruiting women - even though they have already tried all those places without success.

So where should STEM and CTE Programs direct their limited recruitment bandwidth to find prospective female students?

One place that can be fruitful is the military—the armed forces, reserves, and the National Guard. Women serving in the military are accustomed to working in a male-dominated environment, and they may have already held a technical or trade position. Women make up only 10% of the military, but as they transition to civilian life, they are excellent candidates for traditionally male career pathways, ranging from IT security to diesel technology.

Do you need more support recruiting female (and male) students? You don’t need to do it all by yourself. Let’s discuss bringing a WomenTech Educators Online Bootcamp to your school.  We can provide customized WomenTech Training for an NSF grant proposal or for your Perkins Application.

Fill out this short form and I’ll send you a link to my calendar. In a very short period of time I can help your school develop a robust Recruitment Plan and provide coaching support for its implementation. 

I only have a few openings in my calendar in February and March for these calls - they’ll go fast - so sign up today!

I’d been spinning my wheels for 3 years trying to recruit more students into our agricultural technology program. During the WomenTech Educators Training, I learned we were doing career awareness, but not actual recruitment. The training gave us exact detailed recruitment instructions – who to talk to, how to talk to them, and where to meet them.

We also now know how to recruit women and it’s different from recruiting men. In less than a month we’ve already met twice to elaborate on our plan and involve others in our recruitment event in October. I am confident that with the detailed Recruitment Plan we developed during the training we will have success.

~ Lori Dyer,  Program Director, NSF ATE Grow with Rhodes Grant Rhodes State College, Ohio



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