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Engaging Your Industry Advisory Council on Hiring Women in Male-dominated Industries

Female and male STEM Students

Last week I held my first workshop on job placement of women for an Industry Advisory Council. In only three hours we accomplished the following:

✅ Three of the five employers agreed to provide internships

✅ One of five employers will consider sponsoring a registered apprenticeship

✅ All 5 employers agreed to conduct mock interviews

✅ All 5 employers agreed to pledge to fair hiring and interviewing practices

✅ One of the five employers agreed to consider eliminating a hiring test that disadvantages women applicants, according to research

✅ Two of the five employers are interested in our New Workplace for Women training to successfully integrate women into their male-dominated workplaces

✅ Brainstormed key associations and contacts to get other employers on board

I developed this workshop because I discovered that many women - including those with top grades - were having a hard time getting hired:

The Test

In one instance, a female graduate and a male friend with NO education and NO experience applied for the same jobs.

She recruited her totally unqualified male friend to apply alongside her, as a test – hoping it wouldn’t confirm her fears of discrimination.

Turns out, sadly the totally unqualified male got calls for interviews, and the female graduate did not.

We Can Do Better by Them

Maybe like me, you too don’t feel it’s right to train these women and not provide them the additional support they need to get hired in very male-dominated industries.

Do you need help getting employers on-board to hire female graduates and ready to take concrete action steps toward work-based learning activities?

Then let's talk, because I have tailorable, adjustable solutions that are proven to work!

I have only a few remaining calendar openings in November to discuss how your school can move the needle in 2024.

As Chief of the Albuquerque, New Mexico, Police Department, I had the opportunity to work closely with Donna Milgram and IWITTS. Their tools helped our Department accurately assess the current work environment and make changes that greatly improved our ability to recruit, retain and promote women officers considerably in a short time.

~ Chief Joseph Polisar

Former President, International Association of Chiefs of Police



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